While Apple prepares to relaunch its music streaming service soon, Spotify is doing everything it can to steal the spotlight. In a message sent out to press, Spotify has announced a press conference in New York City slated for May 20 with the simple -- and quite intriguing -- tagline: "We've got some news for you" (via the Verge).

On top of the newly-announced press conference, Spotify is also reportedly ready to dip its toes in the video pool. As The Wall Street Journal reports, Spotify "has been in discussions with several digital media players about potential partnerships, according to people familiar with the matter."

The newspaper points out that the streaming service has been "reaching out to companies that specialize in making content for YouTube," and is not only interested in acquiring those companies' content, but also creating its own original videos.

With the recently-launched Tidal, Apple adding more and more traditional radio talent to its personnel, Pandora getting approval to buy a terrestrial radio station and Grooveshark dying (and subsequently, coming back to life), the streaming music battle has never been more intense ... and we're guessing Spotify has plans to shake things up even more. We'll find out on May 20.

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