When we were hit with the new track from Starbenders -- described using Iggy Pop, Nirvana and Katy Perry in the same breath -- we were instantly hooked.

'Rock N Roll Boyfriend' is a tasty track with infectious vocals and a nonstop groovy rock rhythm, and today (Jan. 8), Diffuser is beyond excited to premiere the tune's official music video -- you can check it out above.

As catchy and irresistible as the studio track is, the accompanying visuals are even more mesmerizing. Directed by Josh the Orange and produced by Nico Constantine and Jason Kingsland, 'Rock N Roll Boyfriend' is a straightforward (and trippy) addition to Starbenders' portfolio.

"This song is a quick jab to the throat, so we wanted a visual that carried the same spirit," lead singer Kimi Shelter tells us. "The video for 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath is what gave us the idea for a performance in front of a green screen. The color choices and images we went with are really rippin'."

She goes on, "Those colors have a bit of a kawaii thing going on, mixed with comic book art. People that take this s--t too seriously are just not going to get it, which is fine because don't play for the sissified. When we were shooting, it was great becase we were able to knock it out in a few takes. It's an IDGAF song, so we could not give a f--k while shooting."

As for some of the more convulsing shots found in 'Rock N Roll Boyfriend,' Shelter explains, "There's a video of Iggy Pop performing 'Five Foot One' on the 'Tomorrow' show with Tom Snyder; that inspired a lot of the camera spasms."

If you like what you hear -- and we're guessing you absolutely do -- make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in Starbenders' world (including their current tour schedule) at their official Tumblr here.