Barbecue is a sacred thing. Especially Kansas City BBQ, which prides itself on being the finest, most delicious morsels of smoked meat from a brisket tip -- aka burnt ends. Of course, as with any tradition, these beef secrets are co-opted, updated and migrate to kitchens across the country.

Starlings, TN is kind of like burnt ends, in fact. Their brand of roots music is a concoction of flavors, taken from the Midwest and planted in the fertile soils of Central Texas. They were born on punk rock, but now rock out with acoustic guitars, banjos and a bowed dulcimer.

"It's what I like most about Texas barbeque!" singer Steven Stubblefield tells Diffuser. Because burnt ends might as well be Texas BBQ when you put your own spin on the fatty dish.

"Gimme them burnt end, 'cause they taste like candy to me!" he howls. We can only awesome that Stubblefield and co. are licking their lips, bibbed, ready to dive into a plate of Southern side of pork.

Hungry yet? Download Starlings, TN's 'Burnt Ends' below.

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