Stealing Sheep hail from Merseyside, U.K., home to the La's and Ladytron. The band's PR suggests there's something in the water in that makes Merseyside music sound particularly enchanted. If it's true, Stealing Sheep are definitely drinking from the source. Following the EP 'Noah & the Paper Moon,' the British trio unveiled their full-length debut, 'Into the Diamond Sun.' Today we get a free download of an official Baardsen remix of their single 'Genevieve.'

The new Baardsen remix of 'Genevieve' sounds both otherworldly and totally relatable -- not so unlike the music of Grimes. Describing the remix, Stealing Sheep's Rebecca Hawley tells, "We are big fans of Grimes and loved Baardsen's remix of 'Oblivion!' Now he's worked his magic on our new single 'Genevieve.' Check it out!"

Grab 'Genevieve' below, and watch out for 'Into the Diamond Sun,' out now on Heavenly Recordings.

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