Tracy Shapiro and Amanda Schukle make up Oakland's loudest lady duo ever, Steel Cranes. And their first single, 'Boat Song,' is an excellent introduction to the gals' distortion-heavy rock opus 'Ouroboros,' due out Sept. 24.

The Cranes recorded the album with seasoned engineer and producer Eli Crews, and the result is a lively collection of off-the-cuff tunes, all laid down on tape.

'Boat Song' rages along as a two-chord banger, while Schukle sings with abandon -- think Karen O fronting the White Stripes.

"We recorded it in one take," Schukle tells "It's our favorite song to play live because we never play it the same way twice. It's a bit of controlled chaos, like being just on the verge of falling over a cliff but pulling back at the last minute."

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