When Islands' drummer Aaron Harris left Montreal for Brooklyn, he found a new sound in Steel Phantoms -- a noisy, percussive project that cuts through hipsters like a hot cigarette through butter.

The duo, formed in part with guitarist Jesse Newkirk, combines the fleshy guitar tones found in L.A. rock, powerful vocals and tom-tom-heavy beats. The band's latest single, 'Curtain Call,' starts off with a chugging axe line before developing into a raging punk anthem. The verses, speckled with sweet organ and a steel-drum-tinged synth, culminate in Harris screaming, "My curtain call!"

It almost sounds like the singer is saying "Ms. Gradenko," an obvious homage to the Police, but the rockers may just be confusing us with their Canadian accents.

"'Curtain Call' is one of the first songs we wrote as a duo after having performed/recorded as a three-piece for years," Harris tells Diffuser.fm "We wanted to see how much texture, mood and volume the two of us could create without having to completely change our sound or sacrifice musicianship."

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