In what seems like a fairly abrupt departure -- especially given the band's upcoming tour plans -- Stereophonics have issued an announcement regarding drummer Javier Weyler's departure from the group.

Weyler had been with Stereophonics since 2005, when he replaced original drummer Stuart Cable. No reason was given for the end of his tenure with the band, nor was it made clear whether he quit or was fired.

"We wanted to let you know Javier and the band will no longer be working together," reads the statement, issued by frontman Kelly Jones and bassist Richard Jones. "The band enjoyed playing with Javier over the last eight years and his company was enjoyed by everyone in the Stereophonics family. We wish Javier every success going forward in his new creative endeavors and personal life."

The announcement went on to say that Weyler would be replaced for the band's upcoming gigs -- which include four concerts this week -- by "our friend Sam." Concluded the band, "We look forward to seeing you at the shows."

Weyler's work will still presumably be featured on the next Stereophonics album, which is expected some time this year.

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