There are tons of songs out there about getting drunk and partying all night. But Sticky Fingers take a different approach on their new song 'Liquorlip Loaded Gun.'

"The track is a real heart-wrenching ballad, unlike anything we've come up with before," keyboardist Freddy Crabs tells us. "It's basically about a person struggling to deal with his addiction to booze causing him to do rash things that lead him further down a path of destruction. It was written about someone we know who has found himself even more detached from his friends and loved ones and uses the drink as a way of numbing a pain that he can't explain. A heavy topic, but I think the song does it justice."

You can listed to the song, an exclusive, below:

Starting off with an acoustic guitar, the song's melody comes off a bit soothing before it steers into more U2-like territory. Singer Dylan Frost's vocals shift from one arena-sized band's style to another throughout the song. Either way, the Australian group, whose members met in high school, explores some heavy subject matter here.

"I wish I could disappear / So no one would see in this mess I get in / However hard I try / I keep stumblin' still / Burstin' a wall / I show you who I am," Frost sings in a raspy tone.

Despite the track's downer content, Sticky Fingers are a chipper lot. Their new album, 'Land of Pleasure,' comes out today. "The whole experience was totally wild," Cornwall says about recording the LP in their homeland. "A month living and recording up in the hills of beautiful Byron Bay. It's tropical paradise. This was by far our most luxurious experience recording as a band. It's lucky we wrote all the tunes before we came up here, because otherwise we wouldn't have got anything done."

Sticky Fingers will be promoting 'Land of Pleasure' throughout Australia and Europe, with hopes of hitting the States next year.

"The U.S. is where all the boys really wanna go the most," says Crabs. "So hopefully, if cats over there are digging our tunes, we can make it happen sooner rather than later. I'd love to hit the west coast, but could really go anywhere."