The Stone Roses reportedly are working on material for a new album and plan to release it some time in 2013. The veteran British rockers, who reunited last year for a series of gigs after more than 15 years apart, haven't released an album since their 1994 sophomore set, 'Second Coming.'

“[Guitarist] John [Squire] and [singer] Ian [Brown] have been sending each other ideas for over a year now. During rehearsals they have tried some new songs and really felt that the old magic was still there with the songwriting," a source close to the band tells British rag The Sun. “They have decided they will give it another spin with new music next year.”

The Stone Roses reportedly inked a two-record deal with Universal Records when they reunited, but have yet to play any new tunes during their comeback gigs. The band sold out more than 220,000 tickets in just over an hour for the trek, which kicked off in May and is scheduled through an Aug. 22 show in Belfast, Ireland. Check out their complete itinerary here.

Not on that schedule is a gig sponsored by Adidas that's reportedly set to take place later this week in London as part of celebrations for the 2012 Summer Olympics, although details of the show have not been revealed.