The Stone Roses' live reunion this year will inevitably be one of 2012's top moments, but their performances aren't the only thing in the works from the band.

According to NME, Chris Coghill -- screenwriter for the new film 'Spike Island' -- the band members "have at least three or four new songs." Coghill, who is also an actor that appeared in the Manchester-based movie '24 Hour Party People,' has chosen the Stone Roses' 1990 performance at Spike Island as the backdrop for his movie.

He told the BBC that the film received the band's blessing, and a trailer debuted recently at the Cannes Film Festival. Coghill says, "Mani and Ian Brown said, 'Whatever we can do to help.' Essentially it's my love letter to the Stone Roses and being 16-years-old in 1990 in Manchester. There's a little bit of me in all the boys." Coghill says the film features several Stone Roses songs and he hopes to have the movie ready for wide distribution by November.

As for the Stone Roses, while Coghill did reveal that the band had been recording new material, he did not have further information on a release date or song titles. The group returns to the road for two shows in Barcelona next month, and will hit Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France ahead of their hometown performances in late June and early July.