If you've ever been to a concert, you know how the routine at the end of the night is supposed to go: The band wraps up its set, they leave the stage, the crowd screams for more, and after a few minutes, everyone settles down for an encore. Except when the drummer decides to leave early, as attendees at the Stone Roses show last night (June 12) found out.

Visiting Amsterdam in just the third stop on their hotly anticipated reunion tour, the Roses couldn't deliver their encore because, as lead singer Ian Brown told the audience, "The drummer’s gone home."

Perhaps sensing the crowd's disbelief, Brown repeated, "The drummer’s gone home. I’m not kidding you. The drummer’s gone home. So there you go. I’m not kidding you. The drummer’s gone home. Sorry about that … Get it all out. Get it all out. The drummer’s a c---." (You can see the whole thing unfold in some fan-shot footage, embedded below.)

It sounds like a mess, but according to reports from the floor of the venue, drummer Alan 'Reni' Wren didn't appear upset when he left the stage after the band's set; in fact, according to Louder Than War, he actually hugged guitarist John Squire on his way out. However, there do seem to have been problems with either Reni's drum kit or the sound mix. As Slicing Up Eyeballs observes, the set's final song found Reni "signaling to his ears while looking offstage, suggesting perhaps that he’s having trouble with in-ear monitors."

Simple technical snafu, or the beginning of another stormy chapter in the band's infamously turbulent history? We'll know more by this weekend, when the Stone Roses are scheduled to perform at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden.

See the Stone Roses Show End Early Because "The Drummer's Gone Home"