If you were one of the countless Grooveshark users who used the service to meticulously build playlists, you probably thought all was lost when the service was shut down for good.

But a new service called StreamSquid allows users to type in their Grooveshark usernames and watch their old playlists come back to life.

(The zombie service that originally popped up in Grooveshark's place, Grooveshark.io, appears to have since been taken down.)

When Grooveshark was shut down, the site's operators left one of its backup servers operating. StreamSquid's founders told TorrentFreak they were then able to access and revive the files that stored all the user playlists.

"It was devastating at first as we thought that we’d lost our personal music hub. The huge effort that took many years to build and collect songs and playlists was gone in a single court decision," StreamSquid co-founder Ofir Yosef told TorrentFreak.


The service feels a lot like Grooveshark, but doesn't host the music it streams on its own servers. Instead, it accesses YouTube and SoundCloud and streams the music (legally) from there, while keeping users on its site. When a user clicks to listen to a song, the YouTube version of the song -- including the official music video, if available -- plays in the upper righthand corner of the screen.

Additionally, tracks are organized into albums and playlists by the service thanks to a partnership with Last.fm. The site's founders say they're working to allow users to view their listening history and build song queues.