As Strung Out continue celebrating the recent release of their latest disc, Transmission.Alpha.DeltaDiffuser is thrilled to team up with the heavy punk rock champs for the premiere of the official music video for the LP's fourth track, "Modern Drugs" -- check it out (and crank it up) above.

“Sometimes the meanings of songs do not reveal themselves until you actually perform the song live and see someone singing it back to you,” Jason Cruz tells us about “Modern Drugs.” “Sometimes you hear it in a bar or over the radio and suddenly you understand what you yourself were feeling and what you were trying to say.”

With “Modern Drugs,” Cruz says that moment came when they made the music video. “The song manifested itself visually,” he admits. “Meaning and tone became beautifully illustrated. Blind ritual, hope, denial, scratching that itch and drawing blood, sex and catholicism, god and gold watches ... I get it now.”

Strung Out’s latest album, Transmission.Alpha.Delta, is out now via Fat Wreck Chords. You can pick up the new record at this location, and make sure to stay current with everything happening in the punk rockers’ world at their official website.

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