Now that Foo Fighters' tour is nearing its end, guitarist Chris Shiflett has more time to focus on his podcast, Walking the Floor, in which he talks to musicians about musician things. In the podcast's latest episode, which you can listen to below or here, Shiflett sits down with alternative country singer Sturgill Simpson, who revealed his rise to fame was Justin Bieber-like, meaning he was also discovered on YouTube: Southern rocker Shooter Jennings saw videos of Simpson performing live on YouTube and wanted to work with him.

Beyond that, the 38-minute conversation touches on other aspects of Simpson's life, like his family, his time in the Navy, his drug use and the frequent comparisons he gets to country legend Waylon Jennings, who actually doesn't have much influence on his work:

Maybe it's an attitude thing more than a music thing. Waylon really is a guy I probably discovered later on and listened to the least. Willie Nelson, Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard and Keith Whitley — guys like that were huge influences. I love Waylon; I like the funky disco kind of feel, and I incorporate a little bit of that in my music. But when I'm in singing... Man, if I'm imitating anybody, I'm trying to sound like three or four other people.

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