Summer Cannibals are a bit different than their wintry brethren -- instead of cooking their bipedal friends for warmth and continued sustenance, they do it for sport. A similar spirit applies to the Portland band's upcoming record 'No Makeup,' on which they kick out steady jams with a bloodthirsty smirk.

The group's single 'Wear Me Out,' today's free MP3, plods on like a death march, the bass and a snare synched to the bitter end. Frontwoman Jessica Boudreaux sings of a careless lover that wears the protagonist like a dress and one day discards her like trash.

"'Wear Me Out' is about feeling suffocated by a significant other and looking for a way to break out of it," she tells

"It can start to feel repetitive when you're with someone everyday; this song is just about trying to make things more exciting, so I don't feel claustrophobic," she adds. "It's definitely one of our favorites to play live ... when that chorus kicks, in it feels pretty good."

"No Makeup" hits shelves on Aug. 6 via New Moss Records.

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