Calling Boston home, Sunshine Riot are getting ready to release their sophomore full-length album, ‘Black Coffee Sigh,’ tomorrow (Jan. 13). We were lucky enough to get our hands on the record a few days early, and are beyond thrilled to partner with the gritty Boston rock quartet to debut it in its entirety below -- check it out and crank it up.

The album has tinges of rockabilly, alt country and blues, but from beginning to end, there is one constant: the foundation of Sunshine Riot’s pure and raw rock and roll -- and that's by design.

“We wanted to make a straight up rock and roll record,” the band tells us. “The old fashioned kind that pisses in back alleys and sleeps on the couch.”

“‘Black Coffee Sigh’ was recorded over the course of about 15 separate marathon sessions at Galilee Studios in Rhode Island with the brilliant and 16-time Grammy nominated George Dussault at the helm as producer,” Sunshine Riot explain. “It’s our second full-length and we’re proud as hell of her. In an era of endless electro-pop and dance rock, we wanted to make a roots rock record.”

And before you hit play, make sure to heed the band’s simple, but extremely important advice: “It’s designed to be served loud as f--k, over ice. Enjoy!”

Sunshine Riot are celebrating the release of ‘Black Coffee Sigh’ with a party at AS220 in Providence, R.I., followed by a handful of shows on the East Coast. Get the band’s full itinerary at their official website here.