Pioneers of their own "water pop" genre, Louisiana's Super Water Sympathy "synthesize classic symphonic ambience with modern rock’n’roll anthems" for a humble indie-pop sound that still seems majestic at times, ready to fill the airspace of an arena. And the group might not be too far of from doing just that; over the last few years, Super Water Sympathy has been packing venues in and around Louisiana, drawing eclectic crowds.

In preparation for releasing their highly anticipated second album, 'Hydrogen Child,' the group is offering readers 'Sunday School Dress' as a free MP3 download. If you're into She & Him or the Moldy Peaches, this frolicking single is right up your alley.

"Everything in life has a positive and negative boundary," founder Clyde Hargrove says of the tune. "These boundaries feed off each other. They eat at each other until both are full and gone. 'Sunday School Dress' was our interpretation of that philosophy."

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