Just as everyone has finalized their year-end album lists, Prince swoops in and throws a curveball as he is wont to do. The Purple One just surprise-released HITnRUN: Phase Two.

Tidal broke the news this morning (Dec. 12); the album is exclusively streaming on Jay Z’s platform. Only subscribers will be able to listen to the album in full, but non-subscribers can hear brief song excerpts right here. You can also purchase a digital download via Tidal.

Take a look at the complete track list at the bottom of the page. Prince’s Freddie Gray and police brutality protest anthem “Baltimore” and the previously released “Hardrocklover,” “Stare” and "This Could B Us" are among the album’s whopping 23 tracks.

This is the second installment in Prince’s HITnRUN album series. Phase Two landed back in September.

HITnRUN: Phase Two Track List
1. “Million $ Show”
2. “Shut This Down”
3. “Ain’t About to Stop”
4. “Like a Mack”
5. “This Could B Us”
6. “FallinLove2Nite”
7. “X’s Face”
8. “Hardrocklover”
9. “Mr. Nelson”
10. “1000 X’s & O’s”
11. “June”
12. “Baltimore”
13. “RocknRoll LoveAffair”
14. “2 Y. 2 D.”
15. “Look at Me, Look at U”
16. “Stare”
17. “XtraLoveable”
18. “Groovy Potential”
19. “When She Comes”
20. “Screwdriver”
21. “Black Muse”
22. “Revelation”
23. “Big City”

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