"I'm afraid of the blank page," Surrogate's frontman Chris Keene sings on the band's new single. It's a phrase that echoes through the hearts of all writers and creators across the globe. Thankfully, the California group has found a way to tackle the 'Blank Page' -- by firing a wall of distortion-heavy chords at it.

The single, from Surrogate's fourth album, 'Post-Heroic,' features cutesy keyboard frills, inspiring hi-hat strikes and a Big Muff-driven chorus that'll definitely drive writer's block out of the way.

"Blank Page was the obvious album, opener, lyrically because it talks about what Chris deals with in the songwriting process," bassist Daniel Taylor tells Diffuser.fm.

"But musically, as well, it stood out to us as a great way of setting the tone for the new record with the blown-out drums and the chaotic chorus, coupled with these kind of laid-back verses," he adds. "It seemed like a song that worked both as a good introduction to someone who may not have ever heard of us before, but also a great way of letting people who may be familiar with the old stuff that the new record was kind of working with a new sonic palette."

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