Indie-folk quartet Swear and Shake’s future is looking quite picturesque these days, and they've made an idyllic video to match. With an EP and a full-length, ‘Maple Ridge,’ under their belts and a follow-up in the works, these Brooklynites are fixing to pluck and strum their way to the big time. is excited to share the foursome’s brand-new video for ‘Brother,’ a single released back in May in anticipation of their next album, which lands later this year.

Directed by Jay Sansone, the clip opens with the members of Swear and Shake on a serene road trip through New Hope, Pa. The location was an intentional and ideal choice, as it provides a scenic backdrop and ties back to the song’s lyrics.

The video cuts from the peaceful drive and shots of the musicians meditating on a distant sunset to some nighttime mischief, complete with fireworks. It's all fun and games until the po-po shows up and chases the gang into the woods.

“The vision for the video included fireworks, large fields, dense woods, a classic car, an old barn and also a police officer,” Adam McHeffey (vocals, guitar, banjo) tells “Once New Hope was pinned down as a location, all of these different elements fell right into place, thanks to the generous, art-loving community that defines the town.”

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