SWF is the stage name of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Stevie Weinstein-Foner, whose debut album, ‘Let It Be Told,’ dropped last week via Mecca Lecca Recording Co. If you’re into mellow, insightful tunes, go ahead and grab the album’s title track, which we’re offering for free download below. The uplifting song will wipe that case-of-the-Mondays scowl right off your face.

Weinstein-Foner brings a Devendra Banhart-like spirituality to his sound, coupled with a lightheartedness that will leave you smiling. On ‘Let It Be Told,’ the singer declares, “I want to wake up every day and be laughing,” singing over a bed of fuzzy guitars that fade into spacey reverb by the track’s end. It’s this kind of optimism that will make you want to sing along, which Weinstein-Foner acknowledges as part of the song’s appeal.

“‘Let It Be Told’ is a song about hope, inspiration, love and transformation,” he tells Diffuser.fm. “It’s also a sing along.”

If you’re in NYC between Oct. 15 and 19, catch SWF live at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.

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