[Editor's Note: To get a sense of what's really going on at SXSW 2013, Diffuser.fm asked several bands to pitch in and file guest blog posts. One nice enough to accept our invite was Boy + Kite, and it's a good thing. This Austin indie rockers know the town and offer a unique perspective on the annual festival. In this dispatch, co-founder Beth Puorro goes mining for hidden gems. Enjoy!]

Austin is my home. I love this town, the people, and the music that comes out of it.

Every year in March, it takes another step up and brings us the most original, creative and engaging undiscovered music from around the world -- and also some of the most unoriginal, uncreative and non-engaging music from around the world. The best thing about SXSW is finding the diamonds in the rough -- a band, a film, a person or an animal (Grumpy Cat) that makes it all worthwhile.

Today, I left the house on my bike to brave the streets in search of that diamond. I headed to the Under The Radar showcase at the Flamingo Cantina after grabbing one of the thousands of breakfast tacos made today in Austin. I got into line on historically dirty 6th Street (it's even dirtier today!) and waited to see Gold and Youth. Score! This band was so good, almost as good as waiting for four hours to see Grumpy Cat.

A wonderful start, but followed by a lackluster band that pushed me out of the door and across the street to the Brooklyn Vegan showcase. I was in luck there, because I ended up with a free Jameson drink (or two or three) and vegan queso in my hands. I made it into the inside stage of the former Emo's (so sad) and caught the cutest band ever, Shugo Tokumaru.