Iggy and the Stooges burned it up at SXSW 2013. No, they didn't actually set anything ablaze, but last night (March 13) at the Mohawk, scene of a House of Vans showcase, the enduring punk pioneers turned in an hour-long set that included both the classics everyone wanted to hear (like 'Raw Power') and a smattering of tunes from the forthcoming 'Ready to Die.'

The band performed the new track 'Burn' (video below), which already made its online bow, and providing insight into the song, Iggy Pop told the audience it's about "scary s--- like the flaming a---holes of the world, and death." Indeed, those are some scary things, and he certainly kept that whole fiery metaphor going, didn't he?

SXSW attendees were treated to a few other new songs, according to Rolling Stone. One, Iggy told the crowd, is an example of why people like him shouldn't have guns, while another is about paybacks. Sonically, that one started slow before building up to the eventual breakdown.

The Stooges drop 'Ready to Die' on April 30, but judging by all accounts of their SXSW performance, Iggy and the gang aren't ready to do anything but rock.