[Editor's Note: So that we might better cover SXSW 2013, we here at Diffuser.fm asked some of our favorite showcasing artists to pitch in and file guest blog posts. One band nice enough to sign on: Jamaican Queens, a synth-damaged bizarro-pop duo whose members are neither Caribbean females nor residents of the New York City borough of Queens. In fact, Ryan Spencer and Adam Pressley are based in Detroit, and in this dispatch, the former shares his thoughts on some of the groups he caught this year in Austin. Enjoy!]

Indians: I went to the Pitchfork party with some friends who really wanted to check this showcase. I arrived early and was bummed about the overpriced alcohol but stuck around to see a band, 'cuz I figured Pitchfork would probably pick some sick s---. Really disappointed. They were all very attractive, but I could totally tell the dude used to play in a emo-core band. I could see it in his eyes. Check 'em out if you were into Dashboard Confessional mixed with modern indie sounds.

Pat Jordache: Saw these dudes twice. Some of our good friends from Montreal. I thought they were awesome. Their new s--- sounds like Eno-era Talking Heads. This band will be huge. Super weird vocals. So, so good.

Bubbly Mommy Gun: We played with these Athens homeboys about five times during this fest. They're like Van Dyke Parks meets taking acid at a carnival. I love them and am about to go see 'em again.

Chase the Rapper: Saw him on accident and thought it was very interesting. I only watched two songs 'cuz I had to split to see Jordache. I'm gonna download his s--- when I get back to my computer.

Sean Nicholas Savage: He writes my favorite pop music right now. He only played a Casio and sang. Very lovely. He always is. I'm super down and you should be, too.