The final Myspace Secret Show at SXSW 2013 is not so secret anymore. The cat's outta the bag: Pop star and actor Justin Timberlake, who owns an investment stake in the once-mighty, now-on-life-support social-media giant, will perform Saturday (March) 16 at the Coppertank Events Center in Austin. Also on the bill are ?uestlove of the Roots and DJ/producer RJD2.

The show marks a blockbuster wrap-up to the Myspace Secret Shows at SXSW -- festivities seemingly intended to remind people that Myspace is still alive and kicking.

The shows are completely free, and admission is determined on a first-come, first-served basis -- with one caveat. Only those connected to the Myspace Secret Show artists can attend, so if you're in Austin and want to go, reactivate your account and connect with these acts in the digital space.

Seems like it could be worth the effort, considering the trifecta of talent. Timberlake has a new album, comprising throwback-y doo-wop and R&B tracks, out next week. ?uestlove always has something going on, and anytime he performs, it has instant, "can't miss" status. RJD2 might not be instantly familiar to you, but his melody 'A Beautiful Mine' serves as the 'Mad Men' theme song. So chances are, you've heard his material.