There's no way anyone can check out everything that happens at South by Southwest. It's impossible. Even if you moonlighted as the world's greatest superhero, you wouldn't be able to check out every single thing that goes down at one of the year's most buzzed-about music fests. That's where comes in like a caped hero for you. We've rounded up some of the highlights from Friday's fest. From '90s indie rockers getting their freak on with one of R&B's hottest singers to a clean-and-sober comeback by one of modern rock's all-time best, we got you covered.

  • Afghan Whigs

    Nineties indie rockers the Afghan Whigs were always huge soul-music fans -- they used to cover the Supremes and Prince onstage. Last night R&B prince Usher joined them onstage for a set of songs, including his great 2012 hit 'Climax.' You can see the band's entire set in the video below.

  • Depeche Mode

    Like so many other artists at SXSW, Depeche Mode didn't get a ton of time during their set. Only 45 minutes, in which they managed to play 10 songs, half of them from their upcoming album 'Delta Machine.' But they managed to squeeze in a few classics too, like 'Personal Jesus,' which you can watch below.

  • The Flaming Lips

    The Flaming Lips joked throughout their set that Justin Timberlake was backstage. Turned out that the masked man that joined the Lips onstage during 'Do You Realize??' was My Morning Jacket's Jim James, which sounds way cooler to us. Watch their performance together in the video below.

  • Green Day

    After struggling with an onstage meltdown and three not-so-great-selling albums late last year, Green Day kicked back with a great performance that focused on their trilogy of 2012 records. They also tossed in some oldies from 'Dookie.' You can see a brief clip of their performance below.

  • Vampire Weekend

    Vampire Weekend are all set to release their third album, 'Modern Vampires of the City,' on May 7. They performed a mini-set for radio at SXSW yesterday, playing some of their new songs. The clip below features one of the new tracks, 'Unbelievers.'

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