A Divine Fits song premiere wasn't the only thing going down on Monday night (March 11) at the Mohawk in Austin as part of SXSW 2013. Indie outfit Surfer Blood also hit the stage of the  ‘No Way Back’ party -- but it wasn't their performance that turned heads as much as a between-song smooch shared by singer John Paul Pitts and guitarist Thomas Fekete.

The video above shows it all: After returning to the stage following a dive into the audience, Pitts approaches Fekete with his arms pinned behind his back, then tenderly grabs his neck and plants two quick smooches on the guitarist. Afterwards, they share a long, cuddly-bear hug, as the packed house roars in approval. As per numerous online sources, neither Pitts nor Fekete is gay, but they do have a long, storied history of stealing kisses in high-profile situations -- much like a certain legendary grunge band from the Pacific Northwest.