System of a Down and Elton John. Not too often those two names come up in the same sentence, huh? Well, some dude just gave us one more reason -- or would that be the only reason on earth? -- to use the two artists' names in a sentence.

So here goes: Somebody took Elton John's 1972 classic 'Crocodile Rock' and mashed it up with System of a Down's equally classic 2001 song 'Chop Suey!' for something called -- what else? -- 'Crocodile Chop.'

Things get a little bumpy in the chorus, but what about those verses? Give it a listen above, and please watch the video as you listen. Serj Tankian's wild facial expressions are even more disorienting when they're paired with John's rollicking piano riff.

If that mash-up wanted you to go back and hear the original versions, you're kinda in luck. We dug up a live 'Crocodile Rock' and the official video of 'Chop Suey!' for you to hang around and watch.

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