The Kinks

Kinks Reunion Advice
Before Noel and Liam Gallagher engaged in dramatic public spats during the days of Oasis, many other sibling rockers grabbed headlines for getting in each others' hair and letting grievances and rivalries overshadow their music. Few cases are more famous than that of Ray and Dave Davies of the …
Gisele Covers the Kinks for H&M Commercial
What's chancier than letting a model sing? Letting a model cover the Kinks, one of the most influential and revered bands in rock 'n' roll history. And yet H&M took that very risk and tapped Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen -- the highest-earning pretty person in her business, seven years r…
10 Best Kinks Songs
The Kinks are one of those special British bands that have influenced practically every guitar group covered on this site. Think of them as a Rosetta Stone for what's good about rock music.