What's chancier than letting a model sing? Letting a model cover the Kinks, one of the most influential and revered bands in rock 'n' roll history. And yet H&M took that very risk and tapped Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen -- the highest-earning pretty person in her business, seven years running -- to tackle 'All Day and All of the Night' for their fall and winter 2013 TV commercials.

The ad (watch it below) flips back and forth from the studio to the street, where Gisele cavorts around in H&M's latest wares. Musically, she doesn't bring much to the song, save for changing the gender on the opening word -- "girl" becomes "boy" -- and delivering Ray Davies' classic melody in a somewhat rigid, Nico-esque manner. It's not quite Velvet Underground cool, but it's a serviceable rendering of an all-time classic, a primal proto-punk nugget so simple and brilliant it almost can't be tainted.

Inevitably, haters will hate, but before you dis Mrs. Tom Brady too harshly, consider this: All proceeds from the track, which is available for download via iTunes and Amazon, benefit UNICEF, one of the many charities this stunning do-gooder reps. Even if you think Gisele butchered a Kinks classic, she did so in hopes of getting vaccines for children, so it's at least somewhat justifiable.

And once someone organizes a drive to send copies of 'Village Green Preservation Society' to those same sickly kids, the world will truly be a better place.

Watch Gisele Cover the Kinks in H&M's New Commercial

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