If you've been hearing an unfamiliar No Doubt song in a new Target commercial and wondering what the song is called, we have your answer. The track is 'One More Summer,' and it's a brand-new tune from the group's comeback album, 'Push and Shove.'

The ad begins with a camera zooming through doors emblazoned with the Target logo before opening into a room full of bright colors where Gwen Stefani and friends perform the instantly catchy song in a fake car with instruments adorned with neon lights.

In the clip, which looks sort of like a low-budget music video, Stefani sings the chorus, "One more summer / One more weekend / I’m your lover / You’re my weakness.” Written by Stefani with bandmates Tony Kanal and Tom Dumont, 'One More Summer' seemingly stands a good chance of being released as a single from 'Push and Shove.'

The commercial claims that Target's version of the album contains five exclusive songs, but the Target bonus disc actually features eight additional tracks. There's one totally new song -- a cover of Adam and the Ants' 'Stand and Deliver' -- plus remixes and acoustic renditions of 'Push and Shove' tracks. 'One More Summer' is featured twice, in acoustic form and with a Jonas Quant remix.

Hear No Doubt's 'One More Summer' in the Target Commercial