If there's anything that would promote having a couch potato mindset, it's Taylor Locke's new video for 'Running Away From Love.'

Locke looks cool and comfortable in his couch car, which, in reality, is more like a La-Z-Boy on wheels than an actual vehicle. Rolling around the city without a care, the video is framed to look like an '80s infomercial where you can "order" it yourself.

"The Couch Car is real," he told LA Weekly. "I found out about it when my neighbor drove by on it. I knew at that moment that it would be the only mode of transportation that I'd ever need to plan a music video around."

Reminiscent of the music he made with his former band, Rooney, 'Running Away From Love' sounds a lot like a California highway, beach cruising tune of the '70s. This track is a single from Locke's first solo effort, 'Time Stands Still,' which will be released in Europe in 2015 via Lojinx.

'Time Stands Still' Track List
'Running Away From Love'
'Burbank Woman'
'The Game'
'Don't Be a Stranger'
'So Long'
'Time Stands Still'
'The Art of Moving On'
'Call Me Kuchu'
'Going, Going Gone'
'No Dice'