Young Dreams traveled about 5,000 miles from their homeland of Norway to Austin for last week's SXSW festival, and the change of scenery certainly did them some good. With a new album titled 'Between Places' under their belts, the indie-pop collective hit up Converse's Rubber Tracks — the Texas version of the shoemaker's Brooklyn recording studio, Rubber Tracks, put up in conjunction with their new Well Worn campaign — to lay down a live version of 'Dream Alone, Wake Together.'

After the Rubber Tracks session, cameras followed Young Dreams to an Urban Outfitters showcase and captured them strolling along the banks of the Colorado River. All of the footage was then spliced together into one video -- check out the starry-eyed, slightly off-kilter slab of orchestral twee-pop above.

This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner Converse. Shoes keep it clean, sneakers get dirty.