On Sept. 9, Teenage Fanclub will release Here, their 11th album and first since 2010's excellent Shadows. Today (Aug. 22), the Scottish power pop giants released the second single, "Thin Air," and you can hear it above.

While Shadows was a largely muted affair, "Thin Air," and its predecessor, "I'm in Love," hearken back to the sound of their twin masterpieces -- 1995's Grand Prix and 1997's Songs From Northern Britain --. when they stopped trying to fit in with alternative radio. Both songs have all the hallmarks of what we've come to expect from them -- Byrds-inspired vocals, bright/fuzzy guitars, understated-but-driving drumming and dreamy, singable melodies. And it's all done in three minutes and 10 seconds.

The group will be performing a handful of shows in the U.K. leading up to the release date, but will hit North America in October for a two-week stretch across the East Coast and Midwest, whose dates are listed below. They will then return to the U.K. and Ireleand for three weeks beginning Nov. 15. You can get complete information at Merge Records' website.

Teenage Fanclub, 'Here,' Track Listing

1. "I’m In Love"
2. "Thin Air"
3. "Hold On"
4. "The Darkest Part of the Night"
5. "I Have Nothing More to Say"
6. "I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive"
7. "The First Sight"
8. "Live in the Moment"
9. "Steady State"
10. "It’s a Sign"
11. "With You"
12. "Connected to Life"

Teenage Fanclub 2016 North American Tour

10/12 -- Toronto, Ontario
10/14 -- Washington, D.C.
10/15 -- New York, N.Y.
10/16 -- Brooklyn, N.Y.
10/17 -- Boston, Mass
10/18 -- Philadelphia, Penn.
10/20 -- Cleveland, Ohio
10/21 -- Chicago, Ill.
10/22 -- Minneapolis, Minn.
10/23 -- Madison, Wisc.
10/25 -- Ferndale, Mich.

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