Teenage Sweater is the brainchild of Mario Ruiz, a Northern California native with some serious chops and a knack for writing dreamy shoegaze with a drop of melancholic pop a la Joy Division and the Chameleons.

Ruiz is a rare breed of pop songwriter who doubles as a multi-instrumentalist, handling the band's impressive electronic keys and percussion as well as the sequencing. All those vocal harmonies? Yup -- that's him too.

'Coconut Water,' which calls to mind the Cure if John Bonham were playing drums, starts off Teenage Sweater's debut EP, 'Kewl,' with a bang. Ruiz's echo-drenched vocals float around the swaggering back beat handily as the icy keyboard lines set the song's shadowy mood.

It's not all doom and gloom with Ruiz and Co. -- the band's slightly goofy moniker is a testament to that. "The name is kind of a game, you know?" Ruiz tells Diffuser.fm. "I just always wanted to have a band with the word teenage in it."

For more on Teenage Sweater, pop on over to their Tumblr to hear more tunes or find out when they're headed to your town. But first, grab a free MP3 of 'Coconut Water' right here.

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