"When you think about 2004, it doesn’t seem very long ago. Then you look at pictures of yourself in 2004 and think, oh wait, wow, yeah that was 10 years ago," Tegan and Sara recently put forth on their website. "The pant legs alone! Shocking."

While we won't comment on any fashion trends for the moment, it has indeed been a decade since that charming duo from Alberta, Canada captured the attention of music lovers with their fourth album, 'So Jealous.' Best remembered for it's hit, 'Walking With a Ghost,' the album helped break the identical twin Quin sisters in America. Now, to commemorate this anniversary, a deluxe reissue is being released.

'So Jealous X,' as it is being called, will give fans all the goods -- and more. What more, you ask? How about a a 110-page hardcover book crammed with photos and recollections from Tegan and Sara, their band members and crew, and industry colleagues for starters. The book also features essays, original journal entries from the time period, never-before-seen photos, a catalog of merchandise, tour posters and laminates.

Then, of course, there are the tunes. Spread over three discs will be the original 'So Jealous' album, a 22-track bonus CD that includes five new electronic remixes, five B-sides and nine demos from that time period. One interesting addition here is the inclusion of extra tracks featuring other artists covering T&S songs, including the White Stripes take on 'Walking With s Ghost.'

The set also includes a DVD of a live concert and tour documentary, previously released in 2006, called 'It's Not Fun, Don't Do It!' Further information can be found on a special website for the reissue.

"Because 'So Jealous' changed the course of our sound, our career and most importantly our lives, we didn't want to just re-release the record," the ladies say. "Instead we wanted to re-ignite the fire that inspired us to make the record in the first place and hopefully allow it to reach a whole new audience." Tegan and Sara will wrap up 2014 on the road before heading back into the studio to record a new album for 2015.

'So Jealous X' hits stores on Dec. 23rd on Warner Bros. Records.

Tegan and Sara 2014 Tour
Nov. 14: Oakland, Calif.
Nov. 15:  San Diego, Calif.
Nov. 17:  Tempe, Ariz.
Nov. 18:  Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov. 21:  Honolulu, Hawaii

Tegan and Sara's 'Walking With a Ghost'