If you title your song 'Everything Is Awesome,' you better be sure that, yeah, your song is at least somewhat awesome. Not so surprisingly, Tegan and Sara's latest single is kinda awesome. Even more awesome? Their new video.

The song, which was recorded for this past weekend's box-office behemoth 'The Lego Movie,' is a collaboration with the Lonely Island, the jokey group led by former 'Saturday Night Live' cast member Andy Samberg . . . which is actually way better than most legit groups out there.

And they're funny too. Need a reminder? Check out 'Jack Sparrow,' their 'Pirates of the Caribbean' tribute:

While Tegan and Sara dominate 'Everything Is Awesome' (which you can watch at the very top), the Lonely Island provide the song's bridge rap. But the best part of their new video is that it's made completely out of Legos -- even Tegan and Sara, who are crudely shoved atop pencils and given little tiny microphones to sing into. (The Lonely Island get the tiny plastic-brick treatment too.)

The video is a bit heavy on movie scenes (it is a promotional clip, after all), but the song -- an EDM synth fest that reflects the poppier and clubber turn the twin-sister indie rockers embraced on last year's 'Heartthrob' album -- is loads of fun. And its DIY aesthetic is totally in line with Lego's. Plus, how can you hate on a song that celebrates the awesomeness of "a book of Greek antiquities"?

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