After much anticipation, Morgan Page has finally released his new video for 'Body Work,' which finds the electro DJ collaborating with Tegan and Sara. In the 'Body Work' video, the Quin twins are working mundane (and kind of gross) jobs as towel girls at a gym, while Page keeps busy spinning his blithe house track for his fans at an illuminated nightclub.

The 'Body Work' video opens with Tegan and Sara folding towels in time with the song. The girls, who are rocking Rosie the Riveter-inspired looks, seem to have a nice rhythm going until bodybuilders begin to enter the gym and toss dirty towels onto the sisters. Even though they're most likely covered in other people's sweat, at least they get to be spun around and lifted up by big burly men whilst doing time at the gym.

As they are in many of their videos, Tegan and Sara are placed directly in front of the camera as Sara takes the lead singing, "I still want to see you tonight / Will you be around? / I still wanna get you alone / Will you be around?" Throughout the video, viewers get glimpses at different types of 'Body Work,' from the choreographed dance routines, to Tegan and Sara working what would probably be a minimum wage job at a sports facility, to people dancing it out at a glowstick-filled party DJed by Page himself.

Although this marks their first original collaboration, Morgan Page has actually remixed a few Tegan and Sara songs in the past, including 'Walking With a Ghost,' 'Back in Your Head,' and 'Alligator.' The result of their working together this time around is an uptempo dance track with emotive lyrics and a spot-on vocal performance from the wonderfully nasally sisters.

Watch the Morgan Page 'Body Work' Video Feat. Tegan and Sara