Tegan and Sara are keeping the updates coming with their latest installment of their 'Carpool Confessional' webisodes. Over the course of eight weeks, the Quins will post a weekly video update on the recording process of their new album while engaging in some immensely entertaining chatter. In episode three, Tegan and Sara introduce us to their new producer, talk 'Frogger' and puppies, and channel their inner '90s gals with an improv sing-along to Vitamin C's ultra cheesy anthem 'Graduation (Friends Forever).'

After realizing that they're once again dressed the same, the twins kick off this edition of their weekly webisode by talking about the new producer they're working with, Mike Elizondo. "We're starting with Mike Elizondo today," Tegan says, before Sara chimed in saying, "He has a really different approach, I think, than [our other producer] Greg [Kurstin], so it's gonna be a totally different week and I'm really looking forward to it." We later meet Elizondo, who was mourning a Lakers loss, in the Quin's car, and Tegan later explains that she feels "very comfortable with Mike, I felt like I could just throw ideas out."

After a serious in-studio recording/'Frogger' session, an unseen person asks both Tegan and Sara what she learned today, to which Tegan replies, "I learned that, literally, Level 2 'Frogger' is like two or three times faster than Level 1. It's not gradual in any way." Sara also gave us some insight, saying, "I did see a puppy this morning and think to myself, 'That puppy rivals any kitten,' and that made me feel like I was betraying kittens everywhere. It was a pretty damn cute puppy and the way the woman was sort of as someone would hold a baby, and I was like, 'Do I want a baby or do I want a puppy? Or do I want a kitten?' It's hard to know."

The following day, Tegan is seen chatting with her sis. "We're doing more guitar today. I'm actually really excited. We're working on a track of [Sara's]," Tegan says. "I have a feeling there's gonna be some 12-string, and me and 12-string get along … a lot. And then we're working on one of yours ... I've been comparing it to that -- remember that '90s song 'The Graduation,' like "we'll be friends forever.'" Soon enough, T & S are belting out Vitamin C's incredibly cheesy commencement anthem, waving their hands about and changing the words to "come together, twins forever!" Oh girls, you so funny.

We love Tegan and Sara, and this is why we have our fingers crossed the new track doesn't sound too much like that God-awful Vitamin C song. We love a spirited chorus that makes you want to throw your hands in the air, but not when it reminds us of our incredibly awkward 8th grade graduation.

Watch the Tegan and Sara 'Carpool Confessional: Episode 3'

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