The Con could easily be considered the beginning of a watershed era for Tegan and Sara. Recorded between January and March of 2007 and released on July 24 of that year, The Con was co-produced by Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla and featured guest appearances by fellow Death Cab member Jason McGerr, Rentals/ex-Weezer member Matt Sharp and Hunter Burgan of AFI.

Those high-profile appearances may stick out for fans, but for Tegan and Sara it was probably the difficult time that the album was made that they remember most. From the album's opening track "I Was Married" on, The Con deals directly with these difficulties -- and the way love will always triumph in the end.

“[Sara's] partner is from the United States, so they went through a lot of immigration [issues]," Tegan told Redefine of "I Was Married." "It was a song that Sara wrote after her partner got residency [in Canada]."

“It is definitely a political song and in a way, it’s also a true love song,” she continued. “No matter whether you’re a gay or a mixed race couple … when you’re drawn together, ultimately it doesn’t matter what everybody thinks because it’s so honest, true and sincere. How can that be wrong?”

The Con debuted at No. 34 on the Billboard 200, selling about 19,000 copies in its first week out -- thanks in part to lead singles "Back in Your Head" and "The Con." That's not a major haul for most bands, but for an indie act like Tegan and Sara, whose four previous records hadn't charted in the U.S., it was a nice one. Critically, it is consistently ranked the band's best, and a world tour in promotion of the disc kept them on the road for the better part of a year. It still stands as one of Tegan and Sara's most impressive works.

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