In their new video for 'I Was a Fool,' which premiered today at Much Music, Tegan & Sara look over a heartbroken girl, played by 'Arrested Development' star Mae Whitman, as she cycles through the phases and emotions that accompany that universal situation. Whitman channels sadness, depression, tears, anger and rage.

She flips her phone, studies mementos, smashes vinyl records and tries to bleed it out of her system.

There's footage of the Sisters Quin performing, juxtaposed against Whitman, a Linda Blair lookalike, tearing up while tossing and torching relics of her time with that wretched ex of hers. She heaves a sigh of relief while tossing the vinyl chips over the railing.

We've all experienced what Whitman's character is going through, and her face captures it. Not all of us are lucky to have T&S looking out for us, but hey, at least we have the music as a salve.

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