Terraplane Sun are a bunch of young lads from Venice Beach, Calif., who specialize in melodic and rowdy blues rock. Their single 'Tell Me I'm Wrong' commences with a clean "L.A." beat but progresses into a folky rocker with bark that's equal to its bite.

"I know I'm right! See I've been right from the start!" singer Ben Rothbard howls on the song's chorus. Thanks to his vocals and Terraplane's musical versatility, the band is able to create soft acoustic-driven moments as well as heavy, throat-splitting burners.

"When a chord progression or riff comes up for air, we're quick to pull out our phones and record it as a voice note before it disappears into the ether," guitarist Johnny Zambetti tells Diffuser.fm

"This particular song came from one of the hundreds of voice notes Ben and I have sent to each other over the years, and one of the few where we came together immediately to finish it," he adds. "I remember sitting outside at my house when Ben sent me the initial guitar chords and rambling lyric idea, 'Tell me I'm wrong, but I know that I'm right, right from the start' repeated in a rhythm that almost sounded like a reggae song. It made an instant impression on me, I rang him to come up to my house later that day and we hashed it out. Coincidentally enough, we wrote the song with the horn solo in it prior to Gabe being in the band as an idea that would probably never come to fruition ... we were wrong."

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