Texture & Light walk a fine line between making dance-ready club hits and emotionally complex tunes to make you think.

While these descriptions might seem at odds, the man behind the music, Trevor Refix, somehow finds the balance, writing songs that can fit any mood.

Press play on today’s free MP3, ‘ A Quiet Place,’ and there’s a good chance it’ll be what you wanted to hear. The Canadian quintet -- Refix (vocals, guitar, synth), Clare Mervyn (bass), Kevin Turpin (guitar), Tony Colton (synths) and Lyell Woloschuk (electronic percussion) -- combine a trippy soundscape and thoughtful songwriting to make the track an extremely dynamic listen. You'll discover something new with each play.

“‘A Quiet Place’ is at once both indie music for the dance floor and electronic music for the bedroom," Refix tells Diffuser.fm. "At its core, it is a simple pop song that meditates on change and progress, but the song is meticulously filtered through a heavy layer of fuzz, phase and delay that creates a full sonic landscape.”

Texture & Light’s debut album, ‘The Hard Problem of Consciousness,’ will be available for digital download and on vinyl on Nov. 5.

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