After more than a decade together, U.K. rockers the 1975 released their eponymous debut album earlier this month. Formed in Manchester, England, in 2002, the band has appeared in various incarnations, struggling at home and abroad to make waves with their angsty and infectious sound. Recent singles like 'Chocolate' have finally reversed their fortunes.

In this exclusive video clip, frontman Matthew Healy looks back on a whirlwind year that began with the 2012 release of the 'Face Down' EP. He also looks back further, discussing how the 1975 went from "making bad records in [his] bedroom" to opening for the Rolling Stones.

Healy attributes a lot of the group's recent success to the song 'Chocolate,' which became a model for the 1975's style.

"We wanted all those songs to kind of sir us as emotionally the way 'Chocolate' did," he explains. "It says a lot about us and our rooting in black American music."

Check out the video for more on the 1975's transformation, and if 'Chocolate' satisfies your sweet tooth, plunk down for their album over at iTunes.

Watch Exclusive Video of the 1975