Everything changes, and that couldn't be any truer than for the Airborne Toxic Event and their ever-evolving sound.

Known for their gritty indie rock tunes, the So-Cal band has replaced their guitar riffs and piano-driven melodies for synths -- lots of them in their new song, 'Wrong.'

Taking us back to the '80s dance scene -- like many bands have been doing lately -- the quintet explores the mistakes one makes in relationships, and owning up to those wrongdoings. Not only does the band sound different, but they also look more refined and tailored, compared to the past.

'Wrong' is a the gateway track to the band's new approach to their upcoming LP, 'Dope Machines.'

"We live in a world connected by these dope machines that do all this dope s--t," frontman Mikel Jollett said in a statement regarding the new album. "And in some ways they enhance us and in others they make us massively lonely and well, dopey."

Sure, it might take some getting used to, but the Airborne Toxic Event haven't steered us wrong before. So we're hopeful that the new material will be something we can really get into.

The Airborne Toxic Event's new album, 'Dope Machines,' hits the streets on Feb. 24 via Epic Records.

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