Airborne Toxic Event revealed that their upcoming album, ‘Dope Machines,’ could be quite the departure for the L.A. outfit when they debuted lead single, ‘Wrong,’ last month. They continue that trend today (Jan. 19), with the second single and closing track, ‘Chains’ (via VH1). Listen below:

‘Dope Machines’ will be Airborne Toxic Event’s fourth album, following 2013’s ‘Such Hot Blood.’ You will be able to pre-order it on iTunes today (Jan. 20), or wait until it hits stores on Feb. 24.

Check out the full ‘Dope Machines’ tracklist below. Then, if you haven’t already, take a listen to ‘Wrong’ – or press play again even if you already enjoyed the new track.

‘Dope Machines’ Tracklist
1. ‘Wrong’
2. ‘One Time Thing’
3. ‘Dope Machines’
4. ‘California’
5. ‘Time to Be a Man’
6. ‘Hell and Back’
7. ‘My Childish Bride’
8. ‘The Thing About Dreams’
9. Something You Lost’
10. ‘Chains’

The Airborne Toxic Event -- 'Wrong'

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