As rents continue to climb in the American musical hotbed of Brooklyn, N.Y., we're going to see a lot more bands moving to the outskirts -- or staying where they came from. Long Island's Bellegards are one of the best projects we've heard from the suburbs of New York City.

The three-piece, which consists of brothers Nic and Vincent Palmeri and drummer Kevin Redding, lands right in the middle of the indie-pop spectrum, wedged between Oberhofer and Smith Westerns.

The Bellegards are still developing their repertoire, but their debut EP, 'The Sea & Sand That Drowned the Band,' is available online now, and it features the masterful track 'Seasick and Doubtful.'

"This was the first song recorded for the EP and it really set the tempo for the whole project. Like a lot of our songs, it's based around a single character's mindset," singer Nic Palmeri tells

"Although the verses go back and forth between the character's love and hatred for the person he's with, the pre-chorus reveals the realization that he's thankful for the time they had," he adds. "The choruses build the character's anger. The final chorus ends with the climax of his anger: 'You seem sick too doubt when you're too sick to doubt.'"

The boys are currently working on a full-length album called 'Perfect Strangers' that will come out later this year. In the meantime, grab 'Seasick & Doubtful' below.

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