We're pretty sure the Blank Tapes are ripped straight out of 1970 Los Angeles. We're not totally sure, because we weren't born yet, but the thrift-store-chic trio has more hair than we've seen on Thin Lizzy (in pictures, of course), and they're pioneering a new genre known as "beach party." (That's right, L.A. socialites: A "beach party" isn't just a place you go to get drunk anymore.)

From the Blank Tapes upcoming 'Vacation' LP comes today's free MP3, 'Coast to Coast,' a song by mastermind Matt Adams. The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has produced more than 10 albums of classic rock- and pop-inspired records, and he's continuing his streak via a partnership with Antenna Farm Records he forged earlier this year.

"'Coast to Coast' was written almost two years while I was still living in Oakland and had been daydreaming about making the move back down to Los Angeles," he says. "It had been almost 10 years since I'd last lived in L.A., and I noticed that the vibe was changing for the better. Or maybe just my vibe was changing ... either way, I wanted to be a part of it. I recorded the track with Will Halsey in Oakland right before I made the move."

Look out for the rose-tinted, laid-back 'Vacation,' which drops May 14.

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