The Bunny Gang are preparing to unleash their second full-length studio album, 'Thrive,' on Sept. 23. Ahead of its release, Diffuser has partnered with the quintet to give you the chance to hear the entire record! Check it out in the player below.

Fans may recognize a familiar face in the Bunny Gang's lineup, that of Flogging Molly bassist Nathen Maxwell. He and the rest of the band have constructed 11 tracks to follow-up their debut LP, 'White Rabbits.'

"The songs on 'Thrive' are a progression of my musical journey, and a reflection of a band on a mission," Maxwell tells us. "We were looking back at bands like the Clash and Bob Marley and the Wailers as inspiration, but also looking forward to a musical style with no borders."

There's something raw that can be found within the polished rhythms of 'Thrive.' Part of that unique energy stems from the way the album was recorded. "The process for 'Thrive' was very different from making White Rabbit," the frontman explains. "For the most part, 'Thrive' was recorded live and I played electric guitar for the first time on a recording. Also, we all lived at the studio, Sonic Ranch, while we made the album, so the focus was intense."

One of the most infectious grooves on 'Thrive' is found in 'Illegal Market,' a song co-written with Flogging Molly's Dennis Casey. The track itself is a cry to find equality in society -- which is not an uncommon theme throughout the LP -- and it features a surprisingly beautiful accordion arrangement. Maxwell says of the addition of the instrument: "While we were tracking 'Illegal Market,' I really wanted an accordion solo on the track. It just so happened that day a band from Juarez, Un Dia De Octubre, were checking out the studio. I asked their accordionist and on the spot he laid down the part. It was magic."

'Thrive' hits store shelves on Sept. 23 via Hardline Entertainment. Get details on the new album, as well as the band's current tour plans, at their official website here.

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