The legendary Buzzcocks are about to unleash their first album of new material in close to 10 years, and the band have put forth a video for their latest track, 'It's Not You.'

That distinctive hard edged punk meets pop sound is in full swing on 'It's Not You,' recalling the band's classic early work as well as their more recent material. The unmistakable voice of Pete Shelly has a bit more world weariness to it. Age will do that, but the piss and vinegar are still bubbling over. Meanwhile, the slashing guitar of co-founder Steve Diggle remains as fierce as ever.

Earlier this year, the band launched a PledgeMusic crowdsourcing campaign to fund the recording of the new album. According to the PledgeMusic website, their last album, 2006's 'Flat Pack Philosophy,' was held up for nearly two years due to record label issues. The band vowed to avoid that this go-around, doing it themselves, (with a little help from their friends), and in the process, are offering fans product premiums as part of the deal.

Ten brand new songs grace 'The Way,' the band's ninth studio album. It was produced by Dave M. Allen (the Cure, Depeche Mode) and will be issued through 1-2-3-4 Go! Records on Nov. 18.